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MBBS from Hong Bang International University Courses, Eligibility, Admissions, Syllabus, Career Options, frequently asked Questions.

The Hong Bang International University is like Utilizing the School of Health Sciences at Hong Bang International University, a university with several majors, programmes, and degrees, is the main investment. It focuses on many medical specialties, such as biotechnology, nursing, physical therapy, traditional medicine, dentistry, and midwives. The majority of HIU’s majors, including as Health and Science, Education Sciences, Administration and Law, Engineering and Technology, Social Science, Global Languages and Cultures, have international collaborations, Vietnamese, English, and 44 educational programmes.

Since its founding in 1997, Hong Bang International University has graduated more than 80,000 physicians, surgeons, chemists, medics, and other medical technicians. More than 60% of the university’s students come from the healthcare industry.

Public medicine, healthcare, dental health, odonto-stomatology, diagnostic imaging engineering, recovery and recycling, medicinal chemistry, neonatology, obstetrics & gynaecology, traditional medicine, child care, medical imaging engineering, and occupational therapy are among the specialties represented in the health sector’s courses.

Hong Bang International University Vision:

The Nguyen Hoang Group’s Education company includes Hong Bang Worldwide University (HIU), a university that encourages a multicultural atmosphere in order to meet international standards. The School of Health Science is the leading force among the 06 Departments in the promotion of academic programmes across a variety of specialties at HIU.

Hong Bang International University Mission:

  • The six academic programmes of Hong Bang International University Health Sciences, Economics – Administration, Social Science, Humanities, and Engineering – Technology—are designed to enhance education at all levels, from undergraduate to doctoral, and to further Vietnam’s socioeconomic growth.
  • In order to bring delight to the people and to serve the public good, develop new values and methods. affection, generosity, and concern for one another.
  • precisely adheres to the Nguyen Hoang Group-based HIU norms and rules. Promote academic initiatives and programmes to uphold community and university standards. Adheres to the work ethic consistently and methodically.

Hong Bang International University Campus:

Two campuses of Hong Bang Worldwide University are home to highly qualified employees and seasoned professors, and their curricula adhere to international standards.

A 25th story building called Ship of Knowledge was developed and constructed with modern amenities and is completely furnished.

Ward 15, Binh Thanh District, 215 Dien Bien Phu, Ship of Knowledge Building

Hoa Binh, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District 120 Dam Sen Campus.

Hong Bang International University Campus Other Facilities:


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Hong Bang International University Faculty:

·      Faculty of Social science & Humanities

·      Faculty of Odonto Statology

·      Faculty of Pharmacy

·      Faculty of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

·      Faculty of Medical Laboratory

·      Faculty of Nursing

·      Faculty of Medicine

·      Faculty of Engineering and Technology

·      Faculty of Economics & Business

·      Faculty of Law

·      The Faculty of Global Languages and Cultures

Hong Bang International University Departments:

·      Office of Academic Affairs

·      Office of Educational Testing and Quality Assurance

·      Office of Facilities

·      University Office

·      Office of Personnel & Administration

·      Office of Admissions & Communications

·      Office of Information Technology

·      Office of Research Affairs and International Relations

About and overview of the course MBBS:

  • In India, Medicine Baccalaureus, also known as Baccalaureus Chirurgiae, is the most popular undergraduate medical curriculum.
  • One of the most prestigious programmes a student may take is the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree.
  • You will learn how to become a doctor with a wide range of skills in this course.
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is referred to as MBBS.
  • A diagnosis of a disease, injury, or other bodily problem is injected by a surgeon.
  • In every country on the planet, including India, doctors are held in great regard by the general public.
  • A doctorate degree can be earned through this kind of bachelor’s programme.
  • Hence, by finishing the MBBS programme, someone can learn to become a doctor if helping others and avoiding illness are their hobbies.
  • We are all aware that a doctor’s primary duty is to preserve people’s health or to treat illnesses.

Course Highlight of MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

Full name of the course

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Duration of the course

6 years

Established on


Admission Process

Entrance Based

Language Required


Admission Sessions

March to September

Type of the Institute


Fee Required for the course

Dentistry: 105.000.000 VND/semester, General Medicine: 105.000.000 VND/semester, Traditional Medicine: 45.000.000 VND/semester, Pharmacy: 30.000.000 VND/semester


INR 30,000 to 40,000 per month

College Location

Vietnam is located in South- East Asia. It has a long land bordering China to the North, Laos and Cambodia to the West, and Eastern Sea of Pacific Ocean to the east. The country’s diverse topography consists of hills, mountains, deltas, coastline, and continental shelf.

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Why to do MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

  • They encourage critical thinking, creativity, experimentation, and cultural awareness in our multilingual learning environment.
  • Additionally, students will participate in a curriculum that will help them succeed academically and provide them the information and skills they need to advance along their chosen professional path.
  • Looking to recruit at HIU entails selecting a school with a reputation for innovation, leadership, and leadership in the fields of technology, design, and business management.
  • In the era of the digitally driven world, you will get knowledge from professionals in your field and profit from corporate networks and curriculum designed to reflect the most recent business trends.
  • English-language instruction makes it easier to learn a new language and encourages students to focus only on their studies.
  • Vietnam’s ministry of education oversees the country’s medical schools, hence there are no tuition fees or any costs associated with enrolling in a Vietnam medical school.
  • Vietnam’s climate is also another benefit for Indian students. Vietnam’s climate, which is extremely similar to that of India and allows Indian students to study there without difficulty, ranges from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year. Another benefit of the comparable environment is that people tend to suffer from the same diseases, which helps Indian students who desire to work there.
  • Due to Vietnam’s ranking as the 16th most populous nation in the world, you will have more opportunities to work with a variety of people.
  • For students, Vietnam is a highly safe and secure nation.
  • There is no difficulty with the availability of Indian food because Vietnam produces all types of cereals, vegetables, fruits, and spices that are more pungent than those produced in India.

Admission Process for the course, MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

Students have the option of choosing one or more selection methods.

The Ministry of Education and Training’s new regulations as well as the policies of the University will determine how long it takes to receive applications and review them, depending on the method chosen.


Method 1:

  • Taking into account the high school test results as reported by the Hong Bang International University entrance registration organisation.


Method 2:

  • A review of the three courses’ combined grade 12 averages that were utilised for admission.
  • Taking into account the combined grade for the five high school semesters, eliminating the second semester of grade 12.
  • Transcript evaluation is equivalent to the overall grade for years 10, 11, and 12.


Method 3:

Analysis of the HIU Competency Assessment Results.

  • According to the norms of Hong Bang International University, students who pass the admission quality criterion for the three subjects tests can enroll in the university. 


Method 4:

  • Exam for applicants with a SAT score of at least 800 points, known as the Scholastic Assessment Test SAT.


Method 5:

Immediate admittance

  • Depending on the type of interview and the particular requirements that each sector has.


Method 6:

Taking into account the SAT test scores from the VNU HCMC.

  • Student will be eligible to apply for admission to the HIU based on the results of the 2021 HCMC National University SAT Examination and obtaining outcomes of 600 points or higher.

Basic knowledge Required for MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

·      Biology & Genetics
·      Methods of Research in Health Sciences
·      Biophysics
·      Behavioural Science and Health Education
·      Chemistry
·      Applied Informatics
·      Medical Probability & Statistics
·      Medical Psychology-Medical Ethics

General knowledge Required for MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

·      Professional English 1 6

·      Philosophy of Marxism & Leninism

·      Ideology of Ho Chi Minh 3

·      History of Vietnamese Communist Party

·      Professional English 2 7 General Informatics 8

·      Scientific Socialism 5

·      Political Economy of Marxism & Leninism

Tips to prepare for the exams of MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

  • Developing a reading habit, whether it be of a newspaper, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, biographies, or case studies, is a key strategy for passing admission tests.
  • Examine the written test’s complete curriculum, begin studying it, and review your knowledge.
  • One of the most crucial factors in passing admission examinations is time management, which includes both adhering to a study plan and taking as many exams as possible.
  • You can be sure that you will have good time management skills by the time your entrance exam begins by working through sample papers and mock test questions.
  • Initiate by studying the fundamentals before progressing to more complex and harder layers of ideas.
  • The golden rule for passing admission tests is to practice. Make sure your thoughts are understood and that you are familiar with the proper approaches to answering queries quickly.

Benefits after doing the course, MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

Modern Learning environment:
A new educational environment with a 5-star rating was created by Singapore’s D.P. Architect Corporation, one of the top 10 firms worldwide.

Job Opportunities after the course:
After graduation, HIU promises to provide more than 30.000 work prospects.

Language Skill: 
We promise that by graduation, students will have mastered all four key skills—listening, reading, speaking, and writing—with an IELTS score of 5.5 or better. must feel comfortable working in a global context.

International Standard courses:
Professionals can find plenty of employment options in several multinational organisations.

Specializations for the course MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

The healthcare and medical fields provide a wide range of specialties to prospective international students. The following is a list of some of the most common specialties offered by the best medical schools in the Hong Bang International University.

·      Psychiatry

·      Oncology and various other specialties.

·      Radiology

·      Urology

·      Psychology

·      Dermatology

·      Neurology

Job Areas after the course MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

If a student wishes to work after completing the MBBS programme, there are various positions available in the medical industry.
Both the public and private sectors provide several work opportunities.

·      Pharmaceutical companies

·      Biotechnology companies

·      Hospital Health Center

·      private hospital

·      Biomedical companies

·      Medical college

·      the laboratory

Job profiles after the course MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

·      The doctor

·      Medical professor or lecturer

·      Scientist

·      Psychiatrist

·      Radiologist

·      Dietician

·      Doctor

·      Junior doctor

·      Junior surgeon

·      Researcher

·      Psychologist

Scope after doing the course MBBS from Hong Bang International University:

  • There are two basic options: either the student may start a career or pursue further education.
  • A student has several employment options after completing an MBBS programme.
  • Many students who successfully complete the MBBS programme go on to open their own hospitals or nursing homes.
  • Due to the huge demand for doctors in India and abroad, the finest aspect of the MBBS programme is that all graduates use it to land a solid career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a Letter of Student Verification (LSV)?

Please proceed to the second floor's Student Experience Room. Bring your LSV to International Cooperation on Level 24 if you require it in English, and we will translate it for you.

How long would it take for my visa to renew?

Once all the required paperwork has been submitted, the process will take 12 working days.

What will the visa fee be?

The cost of the visa is determined by your needs—whether you need it for a single entrance or several entries—as well as by the immigration laws of Vietnam.

How long before I receive my visa decision?

After you've sent in all the required paperwork, this process will take seven working days.

What type of instruction is used?

All universities use English as their primary teaching language. The third-largest nation that speaks English is Vietnam.

What form of language will be used?

Every university uses English as its primary teaching language. The third-largest country in the world that speaks English is Vietnam.